Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Heartful of Christmas: Three Christmas Stories


Like many of you, Christmas is my absolutely favorite holiday. Even the mention of the word sends me round the bend and puts me in a joyous mood like no other. After all, what other time of the year are we allowed to freely indulge in expressing our love and gratitude to our friends and family? While the other 364 days may go by without our saying, “Thanks for being there,” Christmas allows us to show how much we care, and for me it means, that this year, for the first time ever, I get to include my wonderful fans and readers in this Season of Celebration.

Consequently, to convey my thanks to all of the lovely readers who gave The Curt Savage Mysteries such a wonderful reception and made this tough guy with the tender heart such a hit, I’ve written three very special stories that explore the meaning of love. Since love comes in many forms, each one is different in scope, but they’re very much themed around the concept that love will come to us if we let it. And find us, it does. Often in the unlikeliest of places! But it’s the unexpected that turns the romantic sparks into something akin to magic, and magic surely personifies this time of year!

So fix yourself a cup of hot chocolate, sit in your favorite chair or crawl under the sheets, and get ready to sink into the delight of falling in love. It’s waiting for you in my gift, A HEARTFUL OF CHRISTMAS. And I do mean “gift.” To launch this series, there’s a special giveaway that includes a one $20 Amazon gift card and ecopy to the Grand Prize Winner and ten ecopies to ten additional winners.

Here’s a little more about the three emotion-packed stories.

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll fall in love.


Margaret Stevens is bound and determined to spend another Christmas alone. With the death of her husband ten years ago, she believes that not partaking in the holiday cheer is staying true to his memory. But an interfering angel and his friend have other ideas and conspire to get her to go a Christmas party being held at their local church. With ther help, Margaret just might find that love truly is made in heaven.  


Sandra Bevins is none too happy about working on Christmas Eve, but her financial situation demands it. She’s in a bind and needs extra cash to tide her over, and so she shows up at Nickel’s Diner, ready to serve turkey dinners. The young waitress has no idea that there’s a surprise in store. A kindly old customer named Kris leaves a very special tip—one that will change her life forever.


Christmas is Lily Pressman’s most favorite holiday. She’s already decorated her parent’s house, and is ready to start in on them, when her brother Archer arrives home from school in the nick of time to prevent that from happening. He’s promised her a Christmas surprise, but the gift turns out to be Jim Steele, the one person in the world that she hates the most. She had a mad crush on the handsome quarterback in high school, but he had to go and ruin everything by standing her up. To make matters worse, she learns he’ll be sharing the holidays with her and her family. What’s a girl to do? Lily Pressman has no idea other than hide in her room and wait it out, but love has other plans. An angel with four legs and fur enters her life at just the right time to work a Christmas miracle.


I truly loved writing these stories and hope you enjoy. And please enter my giveaway below and start your holidays a little early this year! 

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